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72: Halloween Special: Spooky Ghost Stories

October 31, 2019

Welcome to the first annual Halloween or supernatural episode for the Geopats Podcast. Every year about this time I’d like to collect your scary, spooky or supernatural stories from around the globe to remind us that there is more to our world than what we can see. If these stories inspire you, feel free to send a story for next year’s episode anytime. Thank you to Heather, Summer, Ian, Shannon and my childhood self for making this episode possible. 

The Scariness (in order):

-The Skin: Hannah Lund:

-The Serbian Vampires: Podcast Recommendation: Life in the Land of Snow and Ice Podcast,

-The Black Cat: Summer:

-The Spirits & the Mortician: Podcast recommendation; The Bittersweet Life Podcast,

-The Attic: Ian: Industry Angel Podcast:

-The Everything: Podcast recommendation: Well-Read Podcast;

-The Hotel: Shannon:

-The Witches: Podcast recommendation: Commonwealth Club

-The Skinny Toe: Me (Steph)

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