Geopats 65: “a perspective of Germany from outsiders eyes” Shaun, Host of Expat Life Germany Podcast

September 30, 2019


“...they say that it gives them a perspective of Germany from outsiders eyes. That was a surprise for me.” Shaun, Host of Expat Life Germany

Expat Life Germany is one of those podcasts that you listen to as you are doing something else (for me I was cleaning the apartment) and then find yourself stopping, grabbing a drink and sitting down to listen. Why? Because the authentic, thinky conversations that Host Shaun has with his guests are so calm and intriguing that you want to give them your full attention. This is exactly why I had to reach out to Shaun and ask him to join us on this new Expat Podcasters show.

In this episode we talk about why he started the podcast, how he manages his pod-life balance, creating and reshaping the content in the early stages of the podcast and how his location has influenced the podcast. We also dig into his growing podcasting community in Germany, where podcasting was slow to get started but is gaining some real momentum recently. Shaun is originally from South Africa but moved to Germany 12 years ago. You can listen to more of his expat story on a recent episode of Nicole’s The Expat Cast Podcast,

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